Brick Lane Community Church

Brick Lane Community Church

Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, PA

Brick Lane Community Church in Elverson, PA is a community of men and women, young and old, devoted to following Jesus.

Whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life or if you’ve never set foot in a church before and are simply curious about who Jesus is, you are welcome here.

Service Times:

Sundays at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary
and Livestream


To teach the whole Bible, to worship the God it reveals, and to live the beauty of his gospel before people near and far.


1. Our God will be worshiped by men and women, young and old, who realize the treasure that is ours in the gospel.

2. We will experience:

  • A sense of belonging.
  • Practical help through life’s joys and troubles.
  • Encouragement to become like Christ in our thoughts, desires, and actions.
  • Patience from each other as we all struggle to grow.
  • Opportunities to exercise gifts and talents in ways that matter forever.

3. We will engage others with love, sacrificial service, biblical truth, and courage in culturally attractive ways.

4. Others near and far will see that the gospel is both beautiful and true. Some will become part of our family.

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